Neemrana, the Most Gorgeous Weekend Getaway from Delhi


Every once in a while, it strikes the burdened minds and tired souls of the Delhiites to plan out their weekends and utilize them in the best possible way. It is not a wonder if you see your neighbour hopping into a Delhi to Jaipur to Delhi taxi on Friday for a perfect weekend in Rajasthan.

Delhi sure has too much in its small packet, and too many places to visit in the city, yet people always crave for something extraordinary and different. So, they set out on an excursion to the nearby places in the city, which promise the best of joy and fun to them. Besides giving quality fun time, it also treats one with a long drive, where the way shows beautiful landscapes and a backdrop of nature. So, is your Jaipur to Delhi taxi ready? This time, not to visit Jaipur, but the quintessential place, Neemrana.

Neemrana is a fort palace in Rajasthan, lying midway to Delhi and Jaipur. This fort palace converted resort is a perfect place for all kinds of souls. How? The entire fort palace will let you have a feeling of being amidst the grandeur and royalty of the ancient India. So, for the history buffs, a perfect place. Since the place is basked in a thick cover of trees, gardens, and various plants, it is a perfect place for nature lovers, who wish to lay back and witness the serenity and exquisiteness of nature. The enchanting silence of the place, will lull you to sleep in the lap of nature. There are fun activities like game parlour, spa resort, swimming pools, outdoor activities like zip lining, vintage car ride, trekking in the Aravallis and camel riding, which makes it a perfect place for adventure buffs and fun lovers. It is a perfect hangout spot for friends, who often enjoy late night partying here, drinking beer and gorging on the delicious pizza. Talking of pizza, the food served here is breathtakingly scrumptious. Prepared from the fresh vegetables, cut straight from the farms of Neemrana, the dishes are fresh, healthy and always delicious. So, foodies, Neemrana is calling you too. You will be enthralled by the warmth and cordiality of the waiters and other staff members. The place is so peaceful and heart rendering, that many book lovers, writers, architects and painters visit here especially to hone their skills in perfect serenity, the place offers. Neemrana makes a nice attempt to appease the evening of its tourists. Along with serving free evening snacks, it also organises cultural dance and music shows, performed by the traditional Rajasthani men and women. Their grace and elegance is worth a watch. And to pacify your mornings, wake up early and sit on the top terrace of this fort, and you will be soothed by the marvellous beauty of the place, and can view the entire city of Neemrana. The beautiful vista of lush greenery and muddy tracks with bullocks and camels dotted on it, will satiate your hearts.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Neemrana, one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi and have a nice soothing time.

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