7 Recommended Websites to Gain More Cash


Internet has been very helpful to us whenever we need something. These days, people go online to find something they need. Whether it’s about nearby restaurant or something that would help them to find the best home service, internet will be their best ally.

Now, search engine can also help people find jobs and suggestions on how to get money. There are tons of websites that practically help people to gain some money aside from their regular jobs.

Below are recommended websites where you can gain more cash:

Springboard Panel –

Users are able to give feedback on new ideas and test new products for extra money. You can receive reward with points that you can use towards cash or gift cards. Once you sign up on the site, you’re automatically part of their contest with $1,000 pot money. In addition, you can get extra entries for each completed surveys

UserTesting –

This is like a survey but what you need to answer are questions about certain newly built websites. Companies will ask your feedback about the usability of their websites, explaining the good and bad side of their sites and you can earn money out of it. Currently, they pay the people $10-$15 per test and the tests normally take about 20 minutes.

eBid –

If you want quick cash without paying a listing fee, sell your items at eBid. It works like eBay as well, you can buy and sell items on auction. The big deal here, however, is that you don’t need to pay for a listing fee. All you need to do to get selling is sign up to a buyer’s account – then upgrade your account from buyer to seller. This gives you access to a standard auction format.

Maximiles –

You can earn some cash by watching videos, clips and alike of promos and adverts through Maximiles. There are new videos every day, so you will not run out of clips to watch and rate them afterwards. Your points will earn you gift vouchers.

Speedy Money Instant Loans –


If you need quick cash, Speedy Money Instant Loans website is the one for you. All the process will be done online and it will only take 60 minutes to get you cash if you follow carefully their process. It’s a small loan with repayments that are aligned with the borrower’s pay day.

KnowledgeNuts.com –

This website is launched by the popular list site Listverse. Just like the pioneer website, KnowledgeNuts offers a ‘Write and get paid’ plan for those who like write on their spare time. For every accepted article, they will pay you $10 and can be transferred via Paypal.

Klout –

If you are big fan of social media sites, then it’s an advantage for you. Klout is a company that uses people’s social media account to track the social media usage, the number and type of audience it attracts based on the updates and posts on your feed. These information will be used to qualify users in order to receive free items, tickets and alike.


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