Ricoh EZ Plus – Apps For Enhanced Convenience & Productivity


Ricoh EZ Plus offers a set of applications which are made accessible for Ricoh multifunction items (MFPs) via second-generation Smart Operation Panel. These apps offer a host of new features which help enhance and improve the default MFP functions, and in addition, cater to the distinctive needs of different customers.

Following are a few customer advantages of these applications:

  • Saves Time
  • Enhances User Experience
  • Improves and Increases Efficiency
  • Saves Paper by reducing paper wastage

The above-mentioned set of applications are segregated into three categories—

Starter pack – The starter pack, as the name suggests, is an apt choice for beginners. The kit consists of applications developed specifically for beginners and includes apps such as Masking, Receipt scan, Copy Clone and Image Divider

General pack – The general category consists of standalone apps tailored to increase productivity and convenience for day to day activities. The applications offered under this pack are Logo Insertion, Keyword Shortcut, Banner Print, Number Tag, and Letter Creator

 Education pack – The education pack provides apps which cater to the requirements of clients related to the education sector. This category offers applications like Trace, Picture Colouring, Single Colour Removal, and Book Cover Marker.


As mentioned above, the applications are available for Ricoh MFPs outfitted with the second era Smart Operation Panel, aside from product printing and wide format devices.

Each pack offers a 45-day free trial, after which the customers are required to purchase a product key in order to continue using the services provided by the applications. Every pack requires a unique product key which can be used to activate all applications within that particular pack. The customers are then provided with an option of either downloading the applications directly from the Application Site or having them installed through SD card. But, if a customer chooses to get the pack installed via SD card, he/she won’t be able to avail the 45-day free trial period.

EZ Plus presents Ricoh with an advantage over other competitors in the market, as the customers are progressively searching for more astute and expedient ways to work. EZ Plus also offers multiple options with a wide range of features and cutting-edge technology, tailored to meet the needs of customers.

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