Significance Of Hernia During The Course Of Pregnancy


The hiatal hernia during pregnancy is a condition where your internal organs protrude in an external manner. The common locations for it to emerge are the groin area or your abdomen. When it develops during pregnancy it does not pose a major concern till it becomes painful. But if you live it untreated it could lead to a serious condition and become painful in due course of time.

In case if you are aware that you are suffering from hernia and are pregnant or trying for a baby, it is better to avail an examination. In doing so it becomes easy to figure out any course of discomfort that you might be facing. It does make sense to treat it before pregnancy so that you do not face up to it for the rest of your life.

The Main Causes

Hernia develops because of a weakness of the muscle walls that does not develop fully. It is indeed common for people to emerge with this weakness than it developing over a period of time there are certain type of tissue weakness that could lead to hernia emerging in due course of time. As muscles tend to stretch during pregnancy, the chances of women developing hernia is all the more during the course of pregnancy. There are some other reasons for hernia emerging that is heavy lifting of items, fluid that accumulates in the abdomen or increase in pressure.

Hiatal Hernia During Pregnancy Symptoms

Not each and every woman experiences the symptoms of hernia when they are pregnant. In case of others it could be seen or felt. In fact the actual spot of a hernia may seem to be a lump when you lie down or press on that area. A physical bulge is also possible at the site of the hernia.

This is followed by a dull itching pain when the hernia tends to become more noticeable. This could be when you bend, cough or sneeze. There are some woman who facing difficult in moving because the stomach becomes big.


To fix up the issue of hernia surgery appears to be a viable option. The wall of the organ has to be surgically repaired so that the organ does not come through. At the same time it is suggested that you do not get the surgery done at the time of pregnancy because it poses considerable risk to your baby. It is better to delay it until the baby is born and that could take somewhere near 6 months. If you really feel that surgery is the only option then better to get it done during the second trimester of pregnancy.


There is very little you can do to keep hernia at bay. Though the good news is that pregnancy is not going to cause the hernia to enlarge. The key is to ensure that you do have a good physical support in that region. This can be done by pushing or using your hand.

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